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Rise to the Occasion: Bread Making in School Kitchens

At Cleverchefs, our commitment to providing high-quality, made-from-scratch meals extends beyond the plate; it's ingrained in our ethos. Central to our mission is the continuous upskilling of our chefs, ensuring that they possess the knowledge and expertise to create food experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

One of the ways we manifest this commitment is through our chef training programs, which aim to boost every one of our kitchens with the joy of food making.

During November, we have focused on "Breaducation."

The Joy of Bread Making:

Breadmaking is not just a culinary skill; it's an art form. From understanding the alchemy of yeast and flour to the science behind proofing, our training programs equip our chefs with the knowledge and tools necessary to craft delectable, fresh bread. Chef Nathan Philpott, our Head of Food, also focuses on portioning and offers valuable tips to make the day-to-day easier in our busy school kitchens.

"We want to spark creativity and innovation among our chefs," said Nick Collins, founder and CEO of Cleverchefs.

This spirit of innovation is reflected in every meal we serve, making the dining experience for our young patrons delightful and memorable.

Head of food, Nathan Philpott, said, "Consistency and quality are at the core of our philosophy". This commitment to excellence translates into meals that taste exceptional and meet stringent quality benchmarks, giving parents and schools confidence in our services.

Nourishing Growing Bodies:

Why is serving fresh, homemade bread to our youngest pupils so crucial?

The answer lies in the nutritional benefits that come with it. Unlike store-bought alternatives, our bread is low on salt, sugar or additives, ensuring that children receive a wholesome, nutrient-rich meal. Whole grains, essential vitamins, and minerals support their growing bodies, laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

By incorporating bread-making into our primary school catering services, we aim to inspire a generation of young minds to embrace healthy eating habits. Freshly baked bread is not just a tasty addition to the menu; it's a symbol of our commitment to nurturing the body and mind of every child we serve.

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