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By Nature

Providing amazing food is the main focus of our business. We go that extra mile to give our pupils that real "wow" factor in presentation and taste, whilst keeping that recognisable food that can be of comfort.

Cleverchefs was founded in 2015 by Nick Collins who you may have seen on Masterchef the professionals a few years ago. Brought to life with a dream to produce fun, vibrant food worth talking about, to the hospitality sector.

Our ethos is about providing perfection as standard, this means that we promise to use the freshest local food, cooked and served by dedicated professionals. Whilst doing our very best to be sustainable in every area of our business.

We would like to bring a new lease of life to your college food and hope your pupils will love what we have to offer.


Doing Good

At Cleverchefs we encourage our pupils to get involved with our healthy eating ethos.

Our food has to appeal to all your pupils and we do our very best to engage with them on a daily basis, to make sure that the food they receive is satisfying to them and balanced nutritionally.

We have some simple guidelines for our school food offer; make sure our meals have good sources of protein and starch, accompanied with lots of vegetables, salad & fruit.

Our kitchens will always be staffed with real chefs, so if your child has a food allergy or food intolerance our well-trained team will put procedures in place to make sure we provide those meals to be safe, ensuring dietary needs are met.

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View our Current Menus for Further education sites & Allergen information.

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That Packs a Punch

Now we do have some things we refuse to compromise on when it comes to our food. All of our meat has to be from the UK and have at least a red tractor accreditation. All eggs have to be free-range and any veg has to be in season, Makes sense right. Well they are our food musts but that is only the beginning. Chefs love to work for us because they can create and that's what makes a chef tick, we should know as all of the senior team are chefs in there own right. 



Callywith College

Bodmin - Cornwall

Officially recognised as one of the best colleges in the country and Ofsted has awarded Callywith College ‘Outstanding’ status as a result of its inspection in January 2020. So it certainly needed food to match that outstanding rating. Read all about how we managed to stop the students ordering Dominoes Pizza and McDonalds to site in their break times and engage with the students to craft an offer they can be proud of.

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Chef preparing a plate made of meat and vegetables. The chef is pouring sauce on two plate


Chefs Hub

Our TECH team is the training academy for Cleverchefs, focusing on bringing new talent through the business and giving them the skills they need to become the future Cleverchefs. Our TECH team is made up of the development team, hand picked chef leaders from across the business and apprentice chefs. The hospitality industry has slowly de-skilled its workforce over the last decade with the serious influx of high street restaurant chains that have food bought in from centrally produced kitchens. We are committed to bringing back that cook from scratch mentality. Our kitchen teams will all know the classics of sauces, potatoes, vegetable preparation, butchery & baking, from knowing the classics is where our chefs can innovate and step up our food to the next level.

Our apprentice TECH program is as exciting as it gets for a young chef. Cleverchefs is focused on food and that really rubs off on them from day one.



Above the Norm

Did you know Cleverchefs started out it's life as a premium event caterer winning over 15 industry recognised awards for it's work. Still going strong today and one of the UK's biggest outside caterers, 2021saw that side of the business forming it's own brand identity as


Working alongside it's Cleverchefs colleagues the two brands are aligned in their values. Our epic team carefully oversee any hospitality or events that our teams do to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.

So the teams on-site will have a serious amount of talent guiding them to produce exceptional hospitality & service.




We work with an exceptional design team that can transform anything from your kitchen, customer space or create a new area altogether. We can also bring smart tech and payment systems in to make areas faster or unmanned.



We are always looking to partner with new colleges.​

We can create you a bespoke offer whether you are a primary, secondary, college or independent school.

We can look to invest in new equipment or the layout of your service points if this is achievable from an investment point of view.

We feel it is time for food in schools to step up to the plate and offer something that will appeal to your pupils whilst engaging with them and exciting them.

People always remember their school dinners, so make them worth remembering.

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Cleverchefs | Desg 11-14 Penhill Rd. 

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