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Let’s Get Clever with Food

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? Behind every fruit or vegetable is a story full of exciting twists and turns you’d never even imagined.

Okay, maybe not Hollywood-style material, but there is so much to learn from the food we eat. With that in mind, we are launching The Clever Food Hub—a microsite created just for you. With the Clever Food Hub, we want to help families learn and discover food and encourage everyone to enjoy cooking.

So what is The Clever Food Hub?

The Clever Food Hub is an exciting new Cleverchefs online tool that is open to everyone: pupils, parents, teachers, chefs, and other staff around your school.

Each month, we will introduce a seasonal fruit or vegetable and explore its journey from seed to flower to your plate. We have put together an exciting monthly pack full of fun facts, delicious recipes, nutritional information and enjoyable games for children in both primary and secondary schools.

Our mission for The Clever Food Hub is to help children build a healthy relationship with food and help bring people together as a community to learn about new flavours, cuisines, and methods of cooking food so that it gives them the confidence to thrive on their own later in life.

How can you make the most out of The Clever Food Hub?

As a school:

Share, share, share.

You can engage parents and pupils to follow the website by including the link in your newsletter or social media channels or adding a link to your website.

As parents at home:

Play, read and cook together. Visit the Clever Food Hub every month to see the fruit/veg of the season. Learn interesting facts, find recipes, play games and learn together. Share your creations with us on social media using the hashtag #Cleverfoodhub on Instagram.

As pupils:

With the help of your family, create something delicious at home!

Check it out now!

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