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Bristol, We've Struck Gold!

Yes, that is right, we have achieved 6 GOLD Bristol Eating Better School awards. That includes Kingsweston School, Orchard School Bristol, Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Bedminster Down School and Blaise High School in Bristol! We have also successfully achieved the SUGAR SMART Award, and we are buzzing!

This recognition is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication.

"Excellence is not a destination but a continuous journey. Achieving the gold standard is a clear reflection of our commitment to excellence in everything we do."

Nick Collins, Cleverchefs Founder & CEO.

For us, it's not just about winning a shiny gold badge; it's about nurturing our city's young minds with wholesome meals. It's a holistic approach to food excellence that aligns perfectly with our values.

Bristol is known for its vibrant food culture, from bustling markets to innovative restaurants. With the Eating Better Awards, Bristol is taking a significant step toward enhancing the food quality available to its residents. By prioritising the quality of food in schools and other institutions, Bristol is actively investing in its residents' future health and happiness.

Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our service:

1. Food Quality: We source ingredients locally whenever possible, supporting our community and delivering the freshest, tastiest meals.

2. Nutrition: Good nutrition is essential for growth and development. Our menus are thoughtfully designed to provide balanced and wholesome options that fuel both body and mind.

3. Hygiene: We maintain rigorous hygiene protocols in all our sites, ensuring food safety and the well-being of everyone we serve.

We encourage other businesses and institutions in Bristol to join this movement and commit to raising the bar for food quality, nutrition, and hygiene. Together, we can make Bristol a model for other communities to emulate.

Find out how the Bristol Eating Better Award is helping people to live a healthier lifestyle.

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