Why Ivy's Delicatessen

On the 24th of February 2021 we will be opening the doors to our new delicatessen in the Steepleton Development in Tetbury.

My name is Nick and i am the founder director of Cleverchefs who are the caterers behind this new venture, you may of heard of us, we cater for premium weddings, events, restaurants, schools & coffee shops across the south of the UK.

And If there was ever a day to write a blog about our new and exciting delicatessen Ivy's, then today would be the day. The deli is named after my wonderful grandmother Ivy Doreen Phelps,

This is my nan and yes that is me she is holding cute don't you think : 0)

Today would of been her 114th birthday. (WOW)

She passed away at 92 years old when i was around 15, a good innings then most would say.

She was your stereo typical nan type, loved her grandchildren more than anything and would do anything for us. I always remember her taking me shopping on Saturdays with her each week back when shopping was done in local shops, not big supermarkets and everyone knew each other by name.

She lived around the corner from a busy local high street with green grocers and butchers which would all be only to quick to welcome us in and give that traditional customer welcome.

I sometimes wonder what she would make of the world we live in today of self scan and self checkouts, its safe to say i think she would not be impressed.

As a business owner you often want to call your new ventures names that are close to your heart or family names, but until now it hasn't been a good fit and i wouldn't want to do it for the sake of it.

But when i thought about what i wanted our new deli to be about and how i wanted the customer service and environment to be, then it was really clear to me that i wanted it to offer that customer service of a local shop.

Somewhere that will know its customers, be able to offer a tailored service, getting to know the regulars, and building our offer around what the community would like us to sell, like the olden days you may say, with a few up-to date trends like click and collect and online ordering (sorry nan :)

So with that in mind its was a simple decision to brand our new venture Ivy's Delicatessen.

Last august we opened the Steepleton kitchen in Tetbury in the same estate and it started with huge success and had some fantastic feedback from the locals. www.steepletonkitchen.com

Unfortunately covid-19 caused us to close the doors from December, and briefly pause the restaurant which will be back with some beautiful new menus when we are allowed to.

Not a company to sit back and rest on its laurels we decided create something in the meantime that will benefit the local community during lockdown and carry on once we are back to normal.

The stunning Steepleton estate had a coffee shop when it first opened at the entrance to the development which was never really used so that space was calling out to be turned into something special.

After sending our ideas of turning it into a local deli and farm shop to the developers we got the go ahead and started creating our offer and brand.

We have been holding food auditions (as we like to call them) with local suppliers in order to carefully select who we want to feature in Ivy's and work with.

We will be utilising the fact we have a team of chefs onsite with experience in Michelin star kitchens and fantastic baking skills.

We will be making a range of homemade sourdoughs, cakes, pastries and ready meals to offer along with our hand-roasted coffee bean Outthere coffee.

We will be offering a refill milk station in reuse-able glass bottles which can be purchased from us, a lovely way to cut out unnecessary plastic milk cartons.

You will be able to grab a latte or other coffee when visiting also served by our onsite master barista.

Our shelves will be stocked with the most beautiful produce featuring a range of gourmet chocolates, jams, chutneys and everyday essentials.

We will have some fantastic local gins, beers and wines stocked also.

Our Fridges will also have a range our products from our local butcher Jesse smith and we will be offering veg boxes from our local green grocer.

Gourmet ready meals and pantry essentials.

Its safe to say that Ivy's deli will be worth a visit.

come and explore

For now it will have restrictions in place such as card only and limited customers allowed in the shop at any one time but our friendly deli team will certainly be able to guide you on your arrival.

If you live in the GL8 Or GL6 area you will be getting a flyer through your door soon with a 15% discount on your first shop with us so look out for that and bring it along on your first visit.

We hope you will continue to support local business in your area and visit our online store when that launches.

website coming soon www.ivysdeli.co.uk

Thanks for reading

Ivy's Delicatessen


Cirencester Rd




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