Cleverchefs are pleased to announce that we have recently been awarded two contracts by the luxury property developers Pegasuslife Developments.

Both sites are located in the south west of the UK, one in the beautiful Cotswold town of Tetbury and the other located in the beautifully refurbished Queen victoria house situated by the expansive greenery of Durdham Down in Bristol's Redland district.

Pegasuslife Developments have a beautiful portfolio of locations dotted around the UK.

Designed by world-renowned architects and leading wellness experts, their homes and communities are set in some of the country’s most desirable locations.

Each community has a different feel, inspired by its unique setting, but all offer luxurious apartments or cottages, beautiful outside spaces and incredible wellness and social facilities. Designed for luxury later living, they want their customers to share great conversations and wonderful times in amazing surroundings that nurture your wellbeing.


A home for later living or over 60's gets people saying things like, aww you mean a care home or old peoples home. If i could carry around with me something to make the noise that you would hear on family fortunes when the contestant got an answer wrong i would, how does it go NERR ERRRRR!!!, I'm sure you get my drift.

It is far from any of those and for many reasons but here is a few.

When we first seen this opportunity published, we had to obviously register our interest and get the go ahead from the client that we could put forward a proposal to operate the catering at these sites.

So this process usually starts with a site visit, to survey the development and get a feel and understanding on what we would do with the space, and what sort of food offer we would create.

Our first site visit was at The Vincent (Queen Victoria House) in Redland in Bristol.

Still in its final stages of development but from the moment you arrived you could feel that you were somewhere special.

I immediately thought how unique it was and i thought of my mum, my mother is 75+ now but is trendier than most people i know (maybe where i get it from then) haha.

She loves to live in her modern house with her slick and classy furnishings, have ipads, iphones and the latest mini with shiny black wheels, She still works full time, she's definitely not your typical 75+ and she would love it here.

All of the apartments (around 68) are independent and beautifully designed, they can reach prices in excess of a million pounds to join this community.

As i seen more of this later living life i just really understood it, The older generation do not want to live in dowdy old peoples homes, have a net in there window or a lace doily under there sandwich.

The world has changed, people are living longer and the older generation are getting more stylish, and these developers have got it spot on.

We decided to create an offer that represented modern cafe culture, casual dining with a touch of luxury to be exact.

This particular development features spa facilities that wouldn't look out of place in a 5 star resort, landscaped gardens and it's located a stone's throw away from the upmarket district of Clifton.



We have featured the name Kitchen in each restaurants name due to the open theatre style kitchens they both offer, each site gives our guests the chance to dine at the chefs bar and watch our chefs in action and maybe have a chat.

Nowhere to hide is what we like, we are proud to show off our chefs skills whether that be them making bread in the morning or furiously stretching sheets of pasta late afternoon, We want our guests to interact with the team, Ask them questions or request bespoke dishes.

Our Company ethos of flexible catering will always be at the heart of our business.


With our imaginations and creative minds excited at the chance of getting to work at such gorgeous properties, we arranged to see site two in the gorgeous town of Tetbury.

Well known to us as we are a caterer in the award winning Kingscote Barn just down the road.

As we approached the Steepleton site located just off Cirencester road in Tetbury the development felt like we were arriving at a luxury holiday resort in the mediterranean.

The site is focused around the central restaurant which is situated next to the outdoor pool and spa facilities.

Steepleton, Tetbury

So once we had gathered all the information of what our client was looking for we started to carefully develop our offer ready to present to the developers and the onsite residents.

The great thing about these sites is that the onsite restaurants are open to the public, so we needed an offer that would bring people from the local community and further a field.

Whilst offering something that suits the onsite community where they can pop in for a coffee or bring their friends and family to relax with some beautiful food and drink when they visit.


We could feel that these sites needed that cafe culture in the day time, homemade pastries, a premium coffee offer with that high street feel, offering a range of beautiful cooked to order breakfast items, freshly squeezed juices and maybe a cocktail or two.

The evening is where the lights will dim and the candles will flicker which will set the mood of casual luxury dining.

Local Lamb from the Cotswolds, Herefordshire beef, Tetbury butter from Netherlands farm and as always in Cleverchefs a team of chefs that understand modern food and flavours.

Sunday lunch will be an exciting day of the week, a chance to enjoy the surroundings of the spacious dining facilities whilst enjoying fantastic home cooked gourmet roasts.

These will be like any other local restaurants and will welcome guests from outside these developments.

These sites also benefit from private dining areas that can be used for private parties, business meetings or wedding tasting sessions.


We loved meeting the residents in both developments, We were thrilled to answer there questions, they were really excited at the prospect of our offer and really got behind our vision.


We have a staggered opening planned for the sites, The Vincent kitchen, Bristol will open on the 2nd of September 2020. Steepleton Kitchen Tetbury will open on the 9th of September 2020

We hope that all of our clients and brides, grooms and people who have dined with us previously will come and dine with us to experience our exciting menus.

Our websites are up and running and we will be able to accept bookings very soon.

This is an exciting step into the high end healthcare market for Cleverchefs, we are looking forward to creating a real buzz in this sector.

Steepleton Kitchen

Cirencester road





The Vincent Kitchen

Queen victoria house

Redland Hill






We hope you to see you soon

Thanks for reading

Nick Collins

Founder Director


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