Only As Good As Your Team (and "wow" what a team we have)

This one goes to the staff!

You can’t spell the word team with “I”.

This summer has been the busiest Cleverchefs has ever experienced, so far…and it wouldn’t have been possible without our fantastic staff!

(sure, they’re a bit funny looking, but they’re lovely!!)

Our wonderful front of house team worked tirelessly over the summer months to help Cleverchefs run all the events so perfectly, keeping up the reputation we’ve worked so hard for. They’ve travelled all over the South West of England and all over Wales with us, with nothing but smiles on their faces and laughs all round.

From setting up drink’s receptions, to laying up the wedding breakfast tables, these guys have done it all, and done it all perfectly! They have even started a bit of “friendly competition” amongst themselves to see who can set up the best tea and coffee station! And let me tell you, the competition is hotting up!

Even drink’s receptions are being thrown into the pot…

Cleverchefs have a large front of house team, with 6 events in one weekend for nearly every weekend of summer, we really relied on the front of house to keep us afloat, and that they did. We could always rely on them to work, and to work their hardest too. The hours are long and tiring, sometimes resulting in the staff working until the early hours of the next morning on ours bars but never a moan from them! They took it all in their stride, helping to better us in any way possible. They create cocktails for us, let their artistic talents run wild on the blackboards, and decorate the bars the coincide with the rustic appearance Cleverchefs love!


At Cleverchefs, our events are never the same. One day you will be providing silver service in a gigantic manor house in the countryside, the next you will be providing a buffet style dinner to 300 guests in a rugby club. Our staff never shy away from a challenge though, even if it’s something they haven’t done before. They know their managers are there to help and they aren’t afraid to ask for it, and we have nothing but respect for their bravery and eagerness to learn!

However, although they are “front of house”, they don’t just do that. The chefs are extremely busy on an event day and don’t stop prepping, serving food, and decorating the plates to the award-winning standard we provide. Our staff understand and appreciate the pressures the chefs are under and are always ready to jump in whenever needed!! You can tell they pay great attention to the chefs’ food, as they can duplicate their designs after only being shown once! They help to decorate hundreds of plates a week and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

Now that’s art!!

Although we need the events to always run smoothly and professionally, our staff always know how to keep the atmosphere light and cheerful.

We don’t know who told them to come to work wearing that…. strange people.( clients request for uniform, but the team really got involved in the clients theme)

It’s not only the event front of house team we need to thank though, it’s also those helping to keep all other aspects of the company roaring! Our CleverCoffee team have done the greatest job of running our coffee shop. They appreciate how busy the events side is and have been working their socks off on their own without any help needed! Every day they ensure that they are providing fresh cakes, sandwiches, wraps, and salads, and teaching themselves coffee art they ought to be proud of!

See, they can’t hide their love for CleverCoffee!!

The back of house staff is just as important to Cleverchefs as the front of house. Cleverchefs host around 10 weddings and events a week over the summer months, so to cover all equipment bases for that, we’d need thousands of plates, and a couple thousand sets of cutleries! But our kitchen assistants stop us from having to purchase all of that. Every week they arrive at the office to 6 vans full of equipment that needs to be cleaned – for a normal person this might take a day or two to get cleaned and put back into its designated place, but not for our Kitchen Heroes!! They have the vans emptied, jet washed inside and dried, all equipment cleaned and dried and put back before you can even say Cleverchefs!! Sometimes we wonder if they’re magic… And after all that, they still jump at the opportunity to help the chefs prep in the kitchen. And that, my friends, is why they are our Kitchen Heroes.

We also have our buffet camp to thank too. With buffets coming in left right and centre, you’d think you’d walk into buffet camp and see them curled up in one of our rustic wooden buffet trays crying – nope (and not just because they can’t fit). These guys are constantly battling away and the long list of buffet menus, making each one looking as delicious as the last. Every morning the team arrive bright and early, before half the UK is even awake, to make and deliver delicious homemade sandwiches, cakes, and hot goods to the CleverCoffee shop.

It’s been a pleasure working with this bunch and seeing those with no experience develop into little catering butterflies has been truly lovely to witness! We’ve managed to bring complete strangers together to build long lasting bonds, not only with other front of house staff, but also the managers, chefs, and kitchen heroes.

With that said, a hand to all the Cleverchefs Managers and Chefs who have made all these events possible and made the company the award-winning company it is!

We look forward to running many more events with this bunch, as with them, we know our events will always be CleverEvents.

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