50 MILE BIKE RIDE? But Half of us don’t even have bikes!

The team here at Cleverchefs have agreed to ride 50 miles from Brecon to Cardiff, in aid of one of our wonderful chefs, Finn.

Two months ago Finn called in sick to work which was highly unusual for him, so when we heard the news that he was in a coma and needed brain surgery that day we were devastated, he made it through that and we thought that he would be all ok, unfortunately it seems he has a grade 3 astrocytoma in his brain and he needs further treatment at the Velindre hospital in Cardiff.

The cleverchefs team decided that we could do something to help our colleague and friend in this hour of need and also give some of the money raised to Velindre hospital its self, so we proposed a bike ride from Brecon to Cardiff.

Clearly, we hadn’t thought about the logistics behind this though…half of us not owning bikes, 4 huge events the day before, and a limited time to train! But team Cleverchefs are not ones to shy away from a challenge.

With only a short time until the bike ride, we decided we should do weekly team training after work – oh, that was a nice dream. With at least 10 events every week since June, we haven’t had a chance to even sit down!

A normal day in the office for the Clever managers and kitchen Concierge team consists of carrying at least 600 plates, 1500 sets of cutleries, and all the extra bits up and down stairs,

And for the Cleverchefs, cooking and preparing thousands of meals in the blistering heat we’ve been experiencing in the UK! It’s safe to say, extra exercise is the last thing on our minds!

At least the constant moving, heavy lifting, and flights of stairs we walk/run has kept our cardio levels up a little bit!

However, another thing making the weekly training difficult was the lack of bike ownership in the team…I mean, you can’t train very easily for a bike ride without a bike?!

searching for a way to get a bike in time, then luckily our CleverCoffee manager came along to our rescue!

She allowed us to borrow two of the family bikes!

But, with all that said, none of this is going to stop the team from giving their all on the day, like we do with everything, not even the midnight drive back from Chester the night before!

You can read Finn’s story on our JustGiving page that you find below. It’s informative and honest. He’s a lovely young man and providing him with all the help he deserves is the reason we’re doing this crazy ride!

Please donate whatever you can, even if it’s just £1, every single penny will help - https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/50forfinn

If you cant afford to donate at least wish us luck, we are going to need it lol

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