The Kingscote Barn is a stunning venue located in the heart of the Cotswolds.
It has taken our venue spotlight this month as we have been lucky enough to be working along side the amazing team at the barn for three years.

It would be easier to talk about the things we h...

September 18, 2018

This one goes to the staff!

You can’t spell the word team with “I”.

This summer has been the busiest Cleverchefs has ever experienced, so far…and it wouldn’t have been possible without our fantastic staff!

(sure, they’re a bit funny looking, but they’re lovely!!)

Our wonde...

July 24, 2018

50 MILE BIKE RIDE? But Half of us don’t even have bikes!

The team here at Cleverchefs have agreed to ride 50 miles from Brecon to Cardiff, in aid of one of our wonderful chefs, Finn.

Two months ago Finn called in sick to work which was highly unusual for him, so when we...

February 6, 2018